There's No Such Things as Bad Weather

A Scandanavian Mom's Secrets for Raising Healthy, Resilient, and Confident Kids (from Friluftsliv to Hygge)

Linda Akeson McGurk


Bringing Up Bébé meets Last Child in the Woods in this “fascinating exploration of the importance of the outdoors to childhood development” (Kirkus Reviews) from a Swedish-American mother who sets out to discover if the nature-centric parenting philosophy of her native Scandinavia holds the key to healthier, happier lives for her American children.

A Parent's Comment About the Book

This book really changed how I parent in a positive way. I have always loved the outdoors and I'm a bit of a "crunchy" science-backed parent. I really liked the research that McGurk cited throughout this book to back up what we already suspected as parents - that free play outdoors is ESSENTIAL to a healthy childhood. My kid is so much happier outside, and after reading this, I'm much more intentional about our outside time and I have tons of great ideas for how to get my child outside every day, every season, and at every stage.

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