The Gentle Sleep Book

Gentle, No-Tears, Sleep Solutions for Parents of Newborns to Five-Year-Olds

Sarah Ockwell-Smith


Sarah's practical suggestions for each developmental stage include how to create a consistent bedtime routine and optimal conditions for sleep, the effect of diet, and how to use comfort objects effectively. This revised and updated edition includes new chapters providing specific advice on daytime naps (when and how to drop them) and how to take care of your own needs and emotions during the early years of disrupted sleep, because your feelings and health matter too.

A Parent's Comment About the Book

Realistic and compassionate sleep advice. It is such a relief to find an infant sleep expert like Sarah Ockwell Smith who has a realistic, science based approach to infant sleep and encourages compassionate,.respectful parenting! Thank goodness for people like this helping protect our babies from misguided, stressful sleep training and helping to correct our damaging social constructs around infant sleep.

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